John and Jacia

by jayjayshante on September 4, 2012

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What are your ethnic backgrounds?
How long have you been together?
Where did you meet?

Posed before but I waned do i wih a better picture I Love feed back and comments and vote so please do :DDDDD

He : Green eyes that change color sometimes grey, very light skinned kind of yellow and his hair like african american but its curly like someone who’s Mixed, He resembles a eygptian

His Mom is Half german and black but looks mostly white with blue eyes
His Dad is Black and Has Cheerokee indian but looks mostly black with curly hair like his

Me: light brown skin,caramel,brown dark eyes about 1/6 cheerokee but I look like a have chinese in me thats why my jacia like a giesha and brown hair sometimes its light

My Mom: Choclate with deep brown eyes and her hair very light brown dont know her orgins
My Dad: is lighter than my mom but darker than me he is brown but my grandma is half cheerokee and my great gramdma full cheerokee so I guess he like 1/4

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