Me & TJ

by ameixadoce on March 27, 2013

in Black and Latino

Me and TJ

What are your ethnic backgrounds? He’s Black and Beautiful, and I’m Mexican-American, mostly, with a dash of French, and prob some other stuff, too! How long have you been together? The better part of 2 years!
Where did you meet? At a Wal-Mart! We were both in the automotive check-out, and he was asking the workers where he could go to have freon installed, ‘cuz they don’t do it @ WallyWorld…he’s got this great voice that carries, and when I saw that fresh face, smile, and vibe, I felt my face light up, and shouted out,”I know!” I gave him directions, AND my #, in case he got lost, of course, which luckily he did, so we met up, and have been following each other around ever since!! He’s been working out of town, so I miss him terribly, but he should be home for good in a month or so! 😀

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