Tina and Gurucharan Rallhan

by Tina on March 28, 2013

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My name is Tina I am a white american and married to a wonderful Punjabi Sikh.

I met my (would be) husband in 2007, we were both attending California State University Northridge. He was starting his Masters Degree and I was in the middle of my BA. We also worked together for the police department as student assistants. I remember the first time I was stationed with him. He was, and is, a quiet guy and I am super talkative. We were sitting at our post ( in front of the gate to the dorms) and I was playing music from my laptop. I kept on talking to him asking him all kinds of questions. I thought he was cute and really interesting. I just kept on talking and talking to him. We were friends for a couple of years, but nothing progressed, I learned later that he thought that I was involved with my roomate Cyle, which made sense because we spent every day together. My husband did not know that my best friend was gay as can be lol. One day in 2009 GC came over to my apartment to attend a birthday party for my roomate. I remember he was dressed very nicely which was really refreshing because everyone else was doing the college bum look. I kept watching from a distance hoping he would come and talk to me. Around 12am he stated that he was going to leave because he had work in the morning ( poor guy worked 75 hours a week). I was sad he was leaving, but my friend Cyle knew that I liked this guy so he decided he was going to force GC to stay. He turned all the clocks back hoping to fool him lol, and then sat GC in a chair and told GC that I was going give him a shoulder massage. I was known for my massages! As soon as I touched him it was like electricity. He really enjoyed the message, but he kept defending himself to my friend Cyle ( who he thought I was dating), telling him over and over again him that he was not trying to hit on his girl ( me). Finally Cyle was like Dude we are not dating, I dontt even like GIRLS! Gc turned around said Well what are you doing tomorrow?We talked all night about everything!
We were both poor college students so our early dating was really simple but very sweet. We cooked food together,. He taught me how to cook Indian food and I introduced him to all kinds of foods like fish and shrimp, homemade sour dough bread, and clam chowder to name a few. We really fell in love in the kitchen. We worked together, talked about our dreams and aspirations, and we learned so much about each other. I never felt awkward or bored or insecure around GC. It was the perfect combination because we had so much in common yet we were from such different cultures. I never experienced this before in a guy. I knew that I loved him on the second date. We went on night walks around our campus and spent days on campus together. Two weeks into the relationship I went to New Orleans for Martigrais with my roommate, a trip that had been planned before Gc and I started to date. Right before I left for my flight I told GC that I loved him, he seemed shocked ( I was too) because I told him that I was not looking for a serious relationship. I had never loved an other man. The whole time I was in New Orleans I was super lame, my roomate kept trying to get me to go to clubs and I wanted to get back to the room so that I could go on my computer so that I could talk to GC on chat. When I got back from the trip it was Valentines day and GC refused to come up to the apartment. He told me that I had to meet him down on the street, which was weird. He told me that We had to talk! I went down stairs and he told me that he had something important to tell me , he was all scary like. He said I love you, and there is no turning back now
We dated the rest of that year and right before graduation we got engaged. I was in class in the morning, and my husband called me which was really weird, he was not up at that time. I went down stairs, excusing myself from class, where we met everyday, and he said that he had something bad to tell me. He said that his parents were not happy with us, I started to panic and look around but then he got stern with me and said what are you looking at!!! I was so scared, I loved him so much!!!! Right at my moment of desperation he got on his knee in front of everyone and purposed! It was one of the happiest days of my life!! I later found out that his friends were filming it, which is why he did not want me to look around. On the bright side His parents were very happy with our relationship. We decided not to wait long, we wanted to move in together after graduating from college. We had a very nice Western style ceremony with close friends and family, and then two months later we had a Punjabi Sikh wedding. They were such wonderful ceremonies, but sadly his family could not come from India for them . We got pregnant with our daughter not too long after that. We now have a beautiful daughter named Nasreen Kaur. She is now 2 years old. We are raising her to follow both traditions and religions. She speak English and Punjabi at home. I am very excited for the day that my Mother in law comes from India to live with us, so that our family is complete.

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ethnicouples April 2, 2013 at 1:20 am

Beautiful story, thanks for Sharing!

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